Status: Success Stories

This 3-year-old entered the U.S. from China last fall as Gina.

Her forever family changed her name to Jin. According to mom, Erin, in Chinese Jin means “gold, bright, and beautiful.” Sounds perfect!

Erin and Ray adopted Jin the month she arrived. Jin was underweight at the time, but now “doesn’t miss a meal!”
She even finishes her furry sister’s leftovers—after an approving nod from mom.

Jin enjoys playing with her golden retriever sister, Gracie. In addition to wrestling and playing, they also enjoy their walks, which take place two times each day. When Jin knows it’s walking time, she starts jumping up and down.

Another of Jin’s loves: children. She has two brothers and a sister:  Jack, Charlie, and Anna. Jin’s also thrilled when their young cousin comes to visit. Jin is a hugger, so the kids get lots of affection.

Jin is protective of her family. She seems to think it’s her job to keep them all together and safe. During the night she makes the rounds from her parents’ bedroom, to Charlie’s bedroom door, and also plops on top of Anna.

Jin did seem anxious when they first got her, especially on the occasions when her family would leave the house. Interestingly, Erin says that at the six-week mark, things changed with Jin, and she became much less anxious. She follows her mom around the house, stands over her feet to keep her nice and close, and sits as near her family as she can get!

Bene bones are a favorite and are found distributed throughout the house. Jin also practices a golden favorite: finding family socks and proudly carrying them as if they were treasures.

Her family thinks she is a treasure. Welcome to your forever home, Jin!