Status: Adopted

Charlie Square

I was a young stray on the streets of Puerto Rico when I seriously injured my rear leg.  Some kind people fed me for a while then took me to Love Puerto Rico Goldens rescue where I was given a safe place to stay and some medical care.  LPRG gave me medication and tried to fix my leg before they sent me to As Good as Gold to help find me a forever home.   When I got to Chicago, an orthopedic surgeon said that my leg and foot could not be repaired and my leg had to be amputated.  He told me not to worry because dogs like me adapt well to rear leg amputations.   We put more weight on our front legs and I would function exceptionally well on three legs without the pain or discomfort I had been living with for months.  He was right!

I went home the very next day after my surgery.  My foster mom was shocked at how quickly I had gained my balance and coordination.  I wanted to play with my fur foster sister Gracie right away but foster mom said I had to rest a few days.  Now that my staples are out, I am free to be me!  I play tug with Gracie and can pull her all around the house by the rope.  I win all of our games of chase and can even climb up and down the stairs with no problem.  I love to put my head in the stuff they call snow and am starting to learn something called obedience commands.

Some people might perceive that I have an imperfection, but who doesn’t have at least one?  You will overlook it when I show you how much I love to go for walks, cuddle and give kisses.  I often settle down and chew my bones, snuggle with my stuffed animals and Gracie.  At 38 pounds, I am the perfect size to curl up on your lap and won’t take up much room on your bed at night.  Do you need a little golden foot warmer?  I’m your boy!


1 Year Old