George Clooney

Status: Adopted

George C Square

Let me introduce myself.  My name is George Clooney and I’m definitely the Hollywood type.  I am handsome, loveable and draw attention from admirers wherever I go.

Fetch is my game of choice and I also encourage anyone in my vicinity to join me in a game of tug with my rope. Sweet, friendly, inquisitive could best describe me. I am also a high energy guy and therefore would benefit from a fenced in yard where I could run undeterred.  Leash walks while wearing my gentle leader or harness encourage me to walk like a gentleman and allow me to enjoy all the sights and smells of the neighborhood.

My foster dad gives me the run of the house when he leaves me alone and I never disturb anything.  He fixes me a treat filled Kong toy before he leaves and I am content.   I love it when he invites me to go with him for car rides where I can stick my nose out the slightly open window and let the wind blow my whiskers!   I know a lot of obedience commands, but I still need more class instruction and practice to reach perfection.   Occasionally I bark when people I haven’t met before get close to me.  I stop right away after I give them the “sniff test” and determine they are safe!

While I enjoy interacting with other dogs in the wide open spaces, I would probably do best living in a home where I am the one and only canine.  I just get so excited during playtime that sometimes I lack self-control and have difficulty settling down. My forever family needs to provide me with a lot of opportunities to run, walk and play and help me learn to moderate my enthusiastic behavior.  In return, I will show you my sensitive side and accept hugs, kisses and delight in being close to you!

**I would do much better in a home without children.


2 Years Old