Status: Adopted

Fred Square

I’ve had to acclimate to a lot of changes in my young life.  Once a stray and alone, I was adopted by a family with two human children and another dog that I enjoyed playing with.  Although they loved me, their living situation changed and I was relinquished to As Good as Gold.  My search was on once again for a forever home.

Everyone who meets me thinks that I am a handsome and very personable guy.  I know good things happen when I stick close to my humans.  My Foster Dad is my best buddy and I am his shadow.  I love to cuddle and he lets me share his pillow at bedtime even if I drool on it a bit.  Quiet time is great, but I also have a lot of energy and enjoy being active. My favorite game is fetch and I return the ball to his hand every time. Foster Dad takes me on lots of walks and I especially like being on the long leash and having the freedom to explore. When I hear the car keys, I’m always ready to go for a ride and sit politely in my seat.  Although I have lived amicably with other canines, sometimes I get overly excited when I meet a new dog so slow introductions work best for me. I’m not sure what I think about kitties and other small creatures!

I have to admit that I am very intelligent, catch on quickly and will do anything you ask. I know “sit”, “stay” and “down”, but my favorite obedience command is, “Come get a treat!” I wouldn’t dream of counter surfing, chewing anything inappropriate or having an accident in the house. When I’m left home alone, I don’t get into any mischief. I just spend my time snoozing and snoring on the couch. When my family returns, I greet them with a jumping happy dance and one of my infamous smile/grimaces.  Could I be that special golden boy who welcomes YOU home?


4 Years Old