Status: Success Stories

Finn and Meghan have been together since August of 2020 and will celebrate Finn’s 2nd birthday this coming summer.

Finn is a polite, yet particular dog, says Meghan. When neighbors give him treats that don’t please his palate, he politely deposits them onto the ground. Meghan then providers back-up treats for sharing and there are smiles all around! Feeding time at home involves another particularity: precisely three spins while mom prepares the meal. Finn is not a “hugger,” but when near mom, he must have two paws on her. Oh, these Golden rituals!

Initially Finn had “trust issues” with other dogs, especially Bernese Mountain dogs and German Shepherds, for some reason. Meghan addressed this by saying to him, “That’s a “friend.” This thoughtful teaching method worked! Now at the local park Finn has an entire group of furry friends. Surprisingly his two best pals are a Bernese Mountain dog and a German Shepherd!

No time for friends though when it’s squirrel chasing time. Finn is focused on his favorite activity and must have his “Finn Time,” says Meghan.

Meghan is excited because very soon she and Finn will be moving to Colorado to be nearer to family and the mountainy terrain. Visiting out west in recent months, Meghan was pleased to see that Finn very much enjoyed hiking and camping. She feels it will be the perfect fit for them.

“Finn is my best buddy and the sweetest dog ever,” says Meghan.  “We do everything together and our next adventure is soon to come.”