Chelsea & Shadow

Status: Adopted

Introducing Chelsea, age four and Shadow, age eight.

They are a pair recently arrived from Puerto Rico and are hoping to get settled into their forever home.

These two find the outdoors thrilling and the indoors the place to snuggle, rest, and be ready for chow time.

Outdoors, Chelsea’s objective is to run really fast! Chelsea loves to fetch a ball and bring it back, unless Shadow intercepts and then follows a tug-of-war of sorts. When Chelsea’s energy is spent, she finds it’s time to settle onto her foster parents’ deck or walk around their pond to see if there are any frogs to watch.

Shadow exhibits lots of energy and a playful spirit outdoors. He chases balls and frisbees, but doesn’t retrieve them. After expending some energy, he turns his attention to watching his foster dad work in the yard.

Chelsea is quite a smart young lady, according to her foster mom. She is an absolute pro at dispensing treats from a very tricky dispenser toy. Mom thinks providing mental stimulation toys in her forever home would be a positive for Chelsea. She’s a clever tease too. She will “give up” a ball by dropping it onto her mom’s lap, but before her mom can touch it, she whisks it away again!

Joy of Life might be Shadow’s motto. His foster mom says he is very excited to see the family in the morning, excited  to eat, excited to see the leash. “We’re going in the car? Wahoo!” Actually, he loves seeing his foster family all day long. Also, Shadow is the snuggler of the pair. He wants to be next to his foster family or to be touched whenever possible.  He yearns to be petted.

Shadow takes an immunity support supplement daily. Also he had many teeth pulled when he arrived in the U.S so his food consists of either canned soft food or dry food mixed with warm water.

Shadow’s foster mom indicates he makes a great walking companion. “You just have to give a tiny tug on his leash to pull him next to you. He takes note of every correction and adjusts his speed. His goal: to make you happy. Such a good boy.” Chelsea is a bit of a leash puller, but her mom is working with her on this.

They both absolutely love car rides. Are you ready to zoom away with this happy duo?