Status: Success Stories

Bubba came to us as a foster, very anxious and often pacing. We soothed him by letting him chew on a deer antler while petting him on our lap. Within a couple of weeks Bubba would come nightly at 7pm and jump on our laps as his anxious chewing slowed. 4 months later we adopted Bubba and he has learned how to work through his anxiety by coming to us when he needs extra love. He has grown into a confident, independent 8 1/2 year old golden. It is rewarding to see a high anxiety dog become confident and secure in his forever home.  Bubba also had come to us with a seizure history. and now he never has them. I truly believe keeping him relaxed and knowing how to soothe him when he becomes anxious has also been a blessing to Bubba and Bubba is a blessing to our family!