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Alegra Success Story

After losing my Golden, my house was just too quiet.  A month later I volunteered to watch a foster dog, seven year old Alegra. She knew how to roll over, sit, stay, down, and give paw, so I taught her how to do a high five! After three weeks of being my “therapy dog” I was in love. It was sad when she went back to her foster mom, even my cat was looking for her since they hung out all day together.

I informed AGAG that I wanted to adopt her, and I was quickly approved. As soon as she got to my house she ran to my door, up the stairs and into my arms, and then straight for her toy pile where she began to happily prance around, like she “was home”.

Cassie (her new name) and I are the perfect match, she’s high energy and well behaved on walks, but knows how to chill out when we are inside. I am grateful to AGAG for taking care of this girl – She stole my heart and will be loved and spoiled the rest of her Golden years!