Status: Adopted


  • Fenced in yard
  • Mentor dog that will show me what dog life is like

I am a fearful dog and didn’t have exposure to normal things that dogs experience for the first 5 years of my life.  I am afraid of people, startling noises, and anything that moves quickly.  I am more comfortable outside than inside, and really would like to play with a dog outside.  I get all happy and wiggly and play bow.  But, inside is a different story.  I find my safe place and that’s where I prefer to be most of the day.  Human contact is slowly becoming tolerable to me.  But, many times I just freeze and try to be invisible.

I am taking medication to help me with my fears, but it will be a long road for me to learn to trust and build confidence.  It is the most rewarding process to see a dog like me make the baby steps to learning how to be a dog.  I need a quiet and patient family to call my very own.

I am a beautiful and sweet girl and am ready to blossom in my forever home.  Come and meet met.