Status: Adopted

Abbot Square

I may be bragging a bit, but my Foster Mom says I am just about perfect and am a total love bug!  I enjoy rollicking games of fetch and tug with any willing participant, but if no one is available, I throw my stuffies up in the air and play solo games of catch. Above everything else, my favorite activity is snuggling and being close to my humans.

I am very polite with other dogs of all sizes and am always willing to share my toys. I got along fine with the two dogs at my dog sitter’s home and I love the kitty I live with. I am also polite and calm around children.  Foster Mom and I have fun practicing obedience commands and I will do anything in order to receive a yummy treat or a hug and praise.  I have learned “sit”, “down” and “wait” already.  I do a cute little antelope hop when I am excited, but I never jump on anyone. In my previous home, I spent a lot of time in a crate so I’m not eager to go into one now. That’s okay because I don’t really need to be confined when I am left alone. I never have accidents in the house and don’t touch things that aren’t mine. I do bark a bit when the doorbell rings, but only enough to alert my foster mother that there is a stranger nearby.

Walks?  Love them especially because my Foster Mom uses a harness to guide me instead of the choke collars from my past.  I walk right next to her and enjoy the sights and sounds of city life.  Car rides are exciting too and I like looking out the windows or settle in for a short nap.  My hips aren’t perfect, but don’t cause me any problems with my daily activities. I take fish oil and glucosamine supplements to reduce any joint swelling and alleviate any pain I might have.

I will be a wonderful companion for a family who wants an affectionate and loyal golden guy to share their home and hearts with.  I’m looking forward to a new golden life with someone that appreciates perfection!


3 Years Old