Molly for President


I would be a good president because I like everyone.

I was born in the U. S and am over 35 in dog years, though I don’t have a birth certificate.  Like the other candidates I am blond, bossy and would like to run the world.

One of the candidates did not know what “Aleppo” was but everyone knows it’s a can of dog food.    My emails are safe because I cannot type, my veterinarian will attest to my good health, and I don’t work so I have no income taxes to pay.

I am a graduate of As Good As Gold Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois.  I don’t need any campaign contributions but if anyone cares to support my “campaign” they can send a donation – to–my alma mater.

My campaign slogan is “A bone in every bowl”. Please remember me at the poles and vote – there are many other important issues on the ballot.


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