What is a Meet and Greet?

As Good as Gold holds Meet and Greet events at a variety of brick and mortar locations throughout the year. Members bring their well-behaved goldens, greet the store guests, and collect donations. We share information about As Good as Gold membership and responsible pet ownership. In addition, we answer specific questions about adopting from a rescue and becoming a foster home for the dogs in our care.

Where are Meet and Greet’s held?

We regularly have Meet and Greet events at a variety of locations such as pet stores, garden centers, libraries and retail stores. To see a schedule of Meet & Greets click the button below for the schedule of events:

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In order to volunteer at Meet & Greets, you must become a member of As Good as Gold.

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Lola – Meet and Greet Ambassador

Lola was one of the over 3,000 dogs AGaG has rescued since 2003. She was adopted by Joe and Susan Lunn in 2012 and led countless Meet & Greet events. Due to her calm personality and affectionate nature, Lola was an excellent ‘trainer’ for many of our current Meet & Greet goldens who are carrying on her tradition. Sadly, Lola crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 13, 2019. To honor her, she was designated As Good as Gold’s Meet & Greet Ambassador!

Additional Information

What can I Expect?

Meet & Greets are a great way for local members to meet and share information about trainers, vets and dog medications/products. They often lead to long-term friendships and provide another chance for your well-behaved goldens to socialize.

How can I Find out More?

Contact Joe and Susan Lunn, our Meet and Greet leads, for more information or if you would be interested in leading a new Meet & Greet.

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