Bentley - AGaG’s #GivingTuesday GoldenWhen Bentley found his way to As Good as Gold, along came a bag of question marks.

Adored by his owner and destined to be a breeder dog, something was wrong. He was wasting away, but the tests her vet ran showed everything was normal. Bentley was clearly sick, but with what? It was a mystery.

His sweet golden temperament shined through his scruffy coat and As Good as Gold was there to help. We promised to save this boy.

Bentley will get an endoscopy and the tests needed to diagnose his health problems. He’ll be treated with effective medications and by kind caregivers. He will live a good life, because of you and your support.

As Good as Gold is celebrating a day of giving on Tuesday, November 28. Will you join us to help Bentley and others like him TODAY and help us reach $7,500? This amount will make a huge difference to the goldens we rescue.

You don’t have to wait – your gift will count for our special #GivingTuesday event. Simply go to and enter the amount you want to give.

Your gift of:
$50 helps purchase microchips for two rescued goldens
$100 helps pay for blood work to identify medical conditions that need treatment
$150 helps cover the costs of an exam and vaccines for one rescued golden

On the bright side, Bentley is now gaining weight and he’s having fun with his foster sister Melody. It’s always good to find a pal in a new place.

Will you add your gift to those of other golden lovers today at

Thank you! Yours sincerely,