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About this time every year, As Good as Gold Fundraisers have this reoccurring dream. And guess what? YOU are in it!

The setting is your living room. You are nestled on the couch next to your rescued Golden Retriever with your Christmas Forest Wreath mounted on the wall behind you. You bask in the light from the AGaG Charity Wicks candles, breathing-in the pine scented aroma.

After pausing to gently sip your chilled glass of AGaG Charity Wine  and, glancing at your As Good as Gold Calendar, you realize the holidays are near, so you make a note to go to the Fundinco website ( for your Amazon orders and the iGive web site to purchase other gifts for the people and dogs you love.

Suddenly, your dog wags its tail, looking adorable. This makes you realize you haven’t yet sent in your year-end, tax-deductible donation to As Good as Gold  We hope you can help make our fundraising dream come true by going to the above links, purchasing these great products and donating generously to help give the dogs we rescue a happy, healthy holiday!