Volunteers Make the Difference!

Because As Good as Gold is a non-profit, volunteer-supported organization, every activity requires volunteer participation. Members can volunteer to open their home by fostering a rescued golden retriever waiting to be adopted, transport dogs, perform home visits for potential adoptive families, participate in public education and fundraising events, work on administrative activities, join a committee or department as an assistant, make phone calls for various coordinators, or even put a special talent, such as sewing to great use!

To ensure every volunteer who works with our rescued goldens has a safe and positive experience, all assessor, foster home, and transport volunteers are required to participate in basic and/or intermediate trainings which may be held in-person or offered online.

I'd Like to Learn More
We have many different areas of volunteer opportunities. To learn more about some of our ongoing needs, click on any of the links below. Every little bit makes a difference, so take your pick of what your time and talents allow.

  • Foster Home
  • Home Visits
  • Transport
  • Fundraising
  • PR/Marketing
  • Education
  • Okay, How Do I Get Started?
    Complete the online membership application, or download a print-ready copy to your computer. (If you need us to send you one by mail, call us at 630-588-0115.) Mail the completed application back to us with your payment and we'll contact you within two weeks of receipt about your interests and upcoming activities.

    NOTE: To view/print the membership application, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, click the image on the right, to download a free copy from Adobe's website.

    Urgent - Foster Homes Needed
    We receive multiple calls on a daily basis from individuals and shelters who want to relinquish their golden retrievers to us. Since we do not kennel or board any of our goldens, a strong foundation of foster homes is vital to our success.

    Our organization is growing quickly and we are in desperate need of additional foster homes for our goldens! Foster Families

    Without the generosity and concern of our foster families, who open their hearts and their homes to these helpless dogs, our organization and many of these goldens would cease to exist. If you, or anyone that you know, might be interested in becoming a foster home for As Good As Gold, please contact Cyndee Such or Kristin Vesely, Volunteer Coordinators, via email to fosterhomes@asgoodasgold.org. Thank you!