Success Stories

Since May 2003, AGaG has rescued over 1,640 golden retrievers. With your help, every rescued Golden Retriever gets a second chance to find its forever home. The lucky dogs below are representative of all As Good as Gold goldens who have been adopted by loving families.

Do you have a Success Story of an As Good as Gold dog that you'd like to share on our website? If so, please email a brief story, a photo (email only, please), your full name, email address, phone number, and dog's name to Please allow us to edit for size if necessary. Keep an eye on these happy endings as new ones arrive each week!


Amber is a beautiful four year old. I was worried about trying adoption since we had a bad experience with it once. My doctor suggested a gentle dog. I talked with a friend who owns a Golden and she found the AGaG website for me.

I fell in love with Amber the moment I met her. Only four, she moved slowly because she'd become obese. She was shy but loving from the very start. In the month we've had her, we've watched her literally blossom - she's losing weight, plays, chases tennis balls, and isn't shy about cuddling. We can't thank AGaG enough for all the joy that Amber has brought to our lives!


In June 2008 we were lucky enough to host our first foster dog 'Angus' (in the Santa hat). From the moment he walked onto our lawn, and met our other two Goldens, I knew I was doing the right thing! After Angus required some surgery we nursed him back to health and by the end of the summer we were all in love with him. My dogs accepted him like they were brothers from the start! Angus and our dog Wumpus, who is completely blind, are always together and are both 11 years old. We can't imagine our lives without him. He continues to put a smile on our face every day! In November we adopted Angus. We look forward to spending the rest of our lives dedicated to the wonderful organization As Good as Gold!


We lost our wonderful Golden Amber to cancer. I had always called her Sunshine. Then I learned about rescue organizations, found AGAG and immediately applied.

AGAG then called me about a 2 year old named Sunshine, who I adopted and named Autumn. She was used as a breeder in a puppy mill and was found tied to a tree when rescued. She didn't even know how to walk, climb stairs, socialize, anything. It has taken her months to come out of her shell, but everyday she surprises me in some way. She loves long walks and playing ball. She is very loving, quiet and loves to cuddle. She would be happy being petted or brushed all day long.

Through our membership with AGAG, Autumn and I have met wonderful friends. I am so very thankful for AGAG and the wonderful work you do.


We adopted Balto from AGaG in April 2012, when he was about a year and a half old.  He was nervous around new people and dogs at first, but with training he has grown into a loving, energetic pup!  He is equally at home playing in the backyard as he is spending a lazy afternoon on the couch.  He loves fuzzy toys that squeak, getting treats out of his Kong, and going on long walks.  Balto has been a great addition to our family, and we look forward to many more years of golden love!


Last month Sunny (on the right, my first rescue) and I lost a major part of our family when 10 year old Durham died. Both our hearts were broken, and Sunny was completely lost, after 3 weeks she was still grieving; no toys, no play, slow walks. Not even the dog park worked! So I called AGaG for help and shortly after, 96lb big boy Beau (on the left) appeared.

Love at first sight for both of us! The pack is now back to normal. Beau was very nervous and submissive at first. This loving, house trained, dog-friendly dog needs to lose weight, but is a wonderful companion. He is now much calmer, and at five years old, he has finally found his forever home. Thank You AGaG!


Shortly before my wife's surgery, our beloved Chase (an AGAG adoptee) had a major seizure and died suddenly. As her health improved, my wife began scanning the AGAG website for an older Golden. We saw a 7 year old female labeled Hazel and pursued her. The foster family had renamed her Bella because she is so beautiful.

From the moment she entered our house we realized she had found a home. She adapted to us easily and we adapted to her, though we occasionally call her boy rather than girl since we had male Goldens for 20 years. She answers to Bella now, her official name as well as her description. She is gentle, well mannered, knows her commands, and loves to be brushed for hours. This must be a female thing since our 3 previous male Goldens only tolerated it.


I will always remember the day I received a call from AGaG asking if I believed in fate - it was shortly after we lost our five-month old AGaG pup, Maya. A foster home was needed for eleven-week old Buttercup. Bella (formerly Buttercup) was almost identical to our sweet Maya. It almost seemed that Maya was coming back to us in the spirit of another puppy.

We decided to be foster parents for Bella, and soon knew she would mend our broken hearts. Bella now thrives in her new home shared with Calypso, her 9-year old rescued Golden brother, and two felines. Bella is now five months old and keeps us entertained every day. We are so blessed that she came into our lives when she did, we truly believe it was fate!


Hi! I'm Benji and here I am, in my FOREVER home! I thank everyone at AGaG for all the love and care you gave me these past several months.

I especially want to thank my foster family - you were so patient and loving while I recuperated from my surgeries and helped me understand the right way to behave. My days are now filled with long walks and play time throughout the day and so much loving, well, I sometimes wonder if maybe I won the doggie lottery?

Here's a photo of me... with the dark red coat, and Cheyenne, my big brother. Thanks again, AGaG. Without you, I would not have found my forever family. We are all so very grateful for what you do, and how well you do it! All my love, Benji