Hello!  It's me, Bailey!  I would like to share my story with you.  I am a 4 year old, gorgeous redhead (well so I've been told).  In July, 2014 , this nice lady from As Good as Gold picked me up from Animal Control and took me to a doctor because she just wasn't too sure I was completely okay.  I will never forget that day when she looked at me, gave me a big hug, kissed me on the nose and told me "we are going to take a chance on you."  I was SO happy, but very scared.  You see, I just wasn't sure who I could trust.  She put me in her car and after a while I realized I was in good hands.  From that point on I knew I was going to be okay.

I did have to go see some more doctors and then I went to a wonderful foster home.  Foster dad told everyone I was the smartest girl he had ever seen.  The doctors did note that I have limited vision in one eye, but that doesn't stop me from chasing rabbits in the dark.  Foster dad also noticed that I drank an incredible amount of water.  Turns out that I am diabetic.  I was told this is a first for As Good as Gold.

Note:  Diabetes is rare in Golden Retrievers, but can be devastating.  Some of the symptoms include change in appetitie, excessive thirst, weight loss, increased urination, sweet smelling/fruity breath, lethargy, dehydration and more.  Once diagnosed, most dogs become insulin dependent to remain healthy.  This usuallyl means a couple of insulin injections a day and monthly expenses that can range from $50-$180 for insulin, needles, test strips and doctor visits.  Thankfully As Good as Gold and our wonderful Foster Parents are willing to take on dogs with this condition....but we can only do so with your financial help!!!

I moved to a new foster home with a wonderful lady who agreed to take on a diabetic dog.  Foster mom was a little hesitant about giving injections twice a day, but overcame her fear.  I am told I will need insulin injections the rest of my life, but don't tell me I am special needs, you would never know.  I love other dogs and I am told I am everything people love about goldens.

My life has been saved by As Good as Gold and now I am here to pay it forward.  Won't you please help me rescue more goldens and golden mixes?  Any donation amount is very much appreciated!  And in return, you will have my unconditional love.  Just click on my picture to make a donation.  And, if you are open to a wonderful girl, let As Good as Gold know.  I will make a fantastic addition to your home.  XOXO Bailey