Golden Spotlight

Hazel and Aiden are a very special pair of dogs.  They have been through more in their young lives than any one of us here from the United States can ever imagine.  Theirs is a story and transformation that will tear at you and amaze you, all at the same time!

Hazel and Aiden’s story starts in a country that is not only far away from us in terms of distance and miles, but far away from us in terms of attitude and treatment of animals!  They originated from the country of Lebanon.   An animal welfare group, known as Animals Lebanon, was notified by people of “a ghost of a dog” that had been spotted out on the streets.  When they arrived at the scene, they found not just one, but 2 dogs that were so ill and covered in mange that their breed was completely unidentifiable.  They were terrified of people and if not caught, they were in for a fate none of us can fathom.  The fabulous workers of A.L. set to work and managed to capture these two and bring them to safety. 

Please click here to read the full story of the discovery and rescue of Hazel and Aiden: 

It took months of costly treatments (all of which was paid for by Animals Lebanon) to bring them back to good health and learn even what breed mix they might be!  It is guessed that Hazel is probably a golden mix and most likely Aiden’s mother.  Aiden most likely has some golden in him along with Sheppard, amongst other possibilities.  A.L reached out to As Good as Gold (since AGaG had helped them in previous recue situations) and asked for help with Hazel and Aiden. 

Although their story has a horrific beginning, their life took a huge turn for the better when they were rescued by Animals Lebanon, and then sent to the United States to live with As Good as Gold.  Since arriving here in the U.S., Hazel has come out of her shell quite nicely, however Aiden still remains quite shy and fearful and his recovery is much slower.  He is extremely bonded to Hazel and the thought of splitting them up is heartbreaking at best for Aiden.  So we are in search of a forever home that would be willing to allow these two to remain together for the rest of their lives, and that doesn’t require much from these two other than companionship.  We are hoping their story will continue to flourish by finding the perfect forever home for them to live the life they so desperately deserve.  Thankfully, groups such as Animals Lebanon exist and they do their absolute best to try to save as many animals from the same treatment and horrific fate as Hazel and Aiden had once faced.

After reading their amazing story, if you think you might be able to open your heart and your home to these two, please contact As Good as Gold and let us know!

                           Hazel Before and After

                  Aiden Before and After