As Good as Gold has rescued over 2,000 golden retrievers since May, 2003. At any given time, we have 30-35 dogs, ages six months to 14+ years of age, being cared for in the private homes of foster volunteers.

All of the dogs in our care do not appear on our website. The dogs we show you here are representative of the dogs we take into our program. Some of them may have already been adopted. You can review their stories to help you decide if a rescued golden retriever is the right pet for your family.

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Available Goldens

  • Puppies



    We have been fortunate to receive many puppies over the last year and they seem to keep coming.  If you...

  • Polly Esther

    Polly Esther


    My purpose in life used to be a full-time mommy. I was comfortable around other dogs, but I didn’t get...

  • Dorothy



    It was very crowded in my previous home in Puerto Rico. Because our owner had to provide for so many...

  • Roxy



    The children in my home developed allergies and although they loved me and through no fault of my own, I...

  • Bella



    Just look at me! I have a gorgeous face, a beautiful smile, a luxurious coat and a sweet, calm personality....

  • Lacy



    I am available and ready to accept tummy rubs and butt scratches from my forever family! I love my back...

  • Peaches



    I’m Peaches!  I may not be 100% Golden Retriever, but I inherited all the best qualities of the breed.  I...

  • Luke



    I am a big handsome guy dressed in a beautiful coat.  My long legs give me a great view of...

  • Dena



    I may not be full golden retriever, but whatever I am mixed with makes for an adorable combination!  I am...



Give Up a Golden or Tell Us About a Golden in Need of Rescue

What if you know about a golden in need and want to help? Maybe you see an ad at your vet’s office or in the newspaper about people giving away a golden, your friend who works at an animal shelter mentions a golden that’s due to be “put down” if no home is found, or you catch a stray golden in your neighborhood and are wondering what you can do about helping these golden retrievers.

Perhaps you own a golden in need. You’re moving from a big house and yard to a small condo in another state, your new spouse is allergic to animal fur, a bad situation has changed your life, or the dog snapped at your baby who has just learned to crawl and you are wondering what to do with your golden retriever.

Let us know about a golden in need of rescue.


Recently Adopted Goldens

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Goldens in Long Term Care

Sometimes, goldens come to us with issues that may keep them from being adoptable. Some are quite old and have very slim chances of adoption, and some have medical issues that may interfere with their adoption possibilities. Some have medical issues that are terminal.

As Good as Gold believes that every dog should have the chance to be comfortable and happy and should get the medical care they deserve, even if that means they stay as part of the AGaG family for the rest of their days. We developed the Long Term Care program so that these dogs could have all of those things. While dogs are in Long Term Care, As Good as Gold covers all medical expenses.

Below are our current Long Term Care dogs. These dogs are not available for adoption, however please click on their picture to learn more about them and consider making a donation towards As Good as Gold’s veterinary expenses.

    How you can help our Goldens in Long Term Care